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The Collection

The launch of the Italian detail and Polybuilding marble furniture collection.
The collaboration between the two companies has found an incredible location to launch not only the key product of the first Memphis marble collection , a chair called “Him and Her” but also show in a tangible way just what the team can do. At the Maca restaurant on Tanglin road they have created to all effects a permanent marble bar corner. Designed and supplied ad hoc, this is a showcase to just how with a twitch of detail and a splash of stone life becomes even better in this already stunning little restaurant.
Why with Maca? well Maca is all about the finest meat in the world, no better place could our concept of marbling fit in. A true touch and taste event in July is being marinated…we will keep you posted for the date of the party. A mini milan furniture fair style evening. For designers and the curiouse!