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The common belief in this unique marriage between designers and suppliers was based on a mutual love of texture, grain, color and tangibility. One of the magics of marble as a product. No slab is the same, no other element shows the signs of history as marble does.
The Polybuilding and Italian Detail team believe that bounds must be broken, common beliefs over come… marble isn’t difficult to work with, or delicate or necessarily expensive. Marble is not just for floors. Marble is all about uniqueness, quality and timeless class.


Italian Detail is all about fine european detailing, just as the name suggests. This unique and sartorial Italian and singapore based interior design company has joined up with Polybuilding to create a private collection of exclusive marble objects and furniture. Polybuilding is one of asia most renowned marble suppliers. Together their collection comprises of chairs, tables, basins, feature objects…the list will go on and the limit is where creativity ends: Never! Their designer pieces, all branded and one off, have already been showcased in some of the countries finest residential and commercial properties.
As a team the material, that is “marble” has become the catalyst of a wonderful design adventure. The unique pieces crafted can be ordered as seen in the web site or custom designed and produced ad hoc to satisfy a clients desires.